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What we can do for you

we design and produce a customized furniture that is aesthetically pleasing to your demand. Each furniture that we produce are carefully studied and thoroughly before we continue into an actual production to ensure every part meets the needs of clients.
We design furniture for residential, apartment, office, and commercial spaces including booths and stands. And if you need some furniture that is ready made, our design team is ready to help you give the best and choose the best one that suits your room.
Selecting materials for flooring are important, we have to consider some factors, such as resistance and durability, insulation nose, care, comfort, safety, flammability, cost of installation, and life cycle costs. We are offering and providing floor materials such as marble, granite tiles, natural stone, parquet, carpet, and vinyl flooring for your consideration and work with very careful design and installation.
Wall Treatments
A wall treatments can give your room look more delicate and should be binding or mixes well with the design concept. Today there are many choices of materials for wall treatments, such as paint, wood, wallpaper, etc, or we can mix some materials together with a good taste and harmony to make a unique design.
Overhead interior surface that is bound upper limit is the ceiling of the room. We can create a different atmosphere of a room by choosing a different materials and height of the ceiling.

Choosing the right partition type is also interesting. There are so many options available that are not common to refer to the partition as a system, a combination of framing and finish elements, all working together to meet the aesthetic, functional, code, and economic needs. we can create a partition for the space you use common materials to unique materials such as gypsum partitions, glass, bamboo wood, etc.


Specifications for design and detail doors can have serious consequences such as accessibility and voice transmission for functional considerations. the door is also one of the most important interior elements with respect to the image and aesthetic design. common material for the door is wood, glass, or a combination. We are always ready to help you design your door associated with the concept of your design.

Electrical & Lighting

The other elements that can change the atmosphere of your room is lighting. We can help you to choose the right lighting for your room in order to create the atmosphere as you want. We also offer and provide services for electrical needs, such as lights, switch socket outlets, telephone outlets, and cable TV outlets. We can help you to calculate how many lights, switches, socket outlets, telephone outlets, and cable TV outlets you need, but we also help determine where it is located. We will prepare a plan for your electrical needs. and after approval of the plan, we will do the installation.

Window Treatments

window treatments are designed for style and practicality. curtains, blinds, and roller shades are a unique window treatments. We can offer design and create custom made ​​curtains and blinds in a wide choice of colors, styles and materials that can give your windows a unique, beautiful, and elegant design variety of styles and motifs.

Another important part to any design concept is to focus on finishing touches. You can add some accessories to your home to create harmony and bring an accent in your room. We can help you to choose and buy matching accessories for your room for example flowers, paintings, sculptures, photo frames, bed, table lamps, etc.

There are many tools you need for your room. We will help you to buy or accompany you to provide advice and choose the best equipment that fits your needs and your budget. for example, for kitchen appliances such as stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, sink, faucet, etc.