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How it Works

Our design process
These are some steps that can describe to you about how we works on our projects. But please notify that each project are different from each other and has its own personality, so our step can be different too for each client. Because we want to make every client feels special and satisfy.
Design agreement
Schematic design & programming
Meeting and appointments to discuss about the client's demand. What you need in your space, what style you like, and budget for the project. This process is also to get to know between you and us.
Survey the original site to see a client space.
Develop the concept design for the project and provide a brief summary of ideas and concept
Take some measurements and some pictures of the site for our files.
Based on the initial meeting, the agreement approved design will be provided to the client. This is an agreement has been signed which describes the project scope and cost for design services.
After completion of the design agreement, initial work began on developing the basic concepts and schemes for client projects.
Meet with clients to get more information and to determine all the requirements of the project.
Prepare the initial plan (layout, visualization of 3D design, material and color scheme.
Estimate fee for the evaluation of a client's budget
Review with the client (presentation and approval)
Development of design
Documentation of contract
Administration contract (construction)
Make some improvements from the original plan in accordance with their previous meeting and discuss plans for the space and the choice of all materials to the finish.
Estimate renewal fee.
Current plans, specifications and budgets for approval
From all the plans after final approval, it's time to finish quotation client to confirm receipt of the work done.
Prepare working drawings for the approval of the appropriate.
Start construction on the site and making furniture.
Make regular visits to workplaces and workshops.
Provide updates to the clients of the progress of work.
Installation supervision.
Submit a final design project work and there should be a small defect, we will ensure that it is done.