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Design Philosophy
Interior design should be as individual as the people it serves, a reflection the client's own personal style and taste. As a designer, it is definitely our intent to produce an unique design that completely different from the next. Beside that we always has concern of the client’s need and communicate them clearly to meet any challenge in discovering the perfect blend of functionality and beauty to create spaces for clients that are harmonious and peaceful.

Decorating with Neutrals - It Doesn't Have to be Boring!
As much as I love color and as much as I encourage people to use color in their decorating, I also love the calm serenity of a beautifully decorated neutral room. I don't mean a room that's beige or cream just for the sake of being beige or cream - I mean a thoughtfully decorated, full of shapes, textures, and layers, beautifully thought out neutral room. It's really not that hard to achieve either. Check out this new article on decorating with neutrals on how to take your neutral room from frumpy to fabulous.

How to Paint Stripes on a Wall
Do you have a bland room that needs a pick-me-up? Are you itching to do a little DIY project? Why not try jazzing up your space with some stripes? My bedroom in my last apartment had horizontal stripes painted all around the room and I loved it! It was pretty easy to do and the results were amazing.

Get Your Home Office in Shape
January is one of those months that seems to be all about organizing. After the holidays we all want to restore order in our lives. If you have a home office, even if it's just a little corner where you keep household bills, why not try to get it in tip top shape? An organized home equals an organized life!